Our Mission

At Satori Recovery Center, our mission is to welcome our clients back from the chaos of addiction with compassion and respect. We introduce our clients to the concepts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Nutrition to set a solid foundation for their next stage of recovery.

As humans, our attempt to avoid and escape from emotional distress creates greater anxiety, despair and a greater need for stress release. The illusion of escape comes in many forms, but is always external to ourselves and often becomes an addiction. Clearly, drugs and alcohol offer the fastest apparent escape. Getting high, above your stress, offers the illusion of stress release. The illusion eventually becomes a nightmare.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Each client is treated like family in a beautiful, safe and stable environment in Laguna Beach California with all the comforts of home.

Satori Recovery Center’s two main points of emphasis in this early stage of recovery are frustration tolerance and impulse control, two of the most difficult behaviors that lead to relapse and loss of hope. Each group that we offer has a component of Mindfulness as the foundation.

The brain?s job is to analyze and categorize the experiences we have. Otherwise, the experience could be a chaotic continuous mess of events leading to our demise. How could we survive such chaos? Our brains evolution has been responsible for our survival as a species; analyze and remember to perpetuate our survival. Obviously, this has been effective.

Becoming present, allowing yourself a space to experience your emotions and to experience the inevitable passage of feeling, witnessing your psychic state now and only now is mindfulness. Buddha called this the middle way, the path out of suffering.

Satori Recovery Center teaches the middle way, the path of least resistance. We explore the emotional and psychic conflicts which create life out of balance. Restoring the?physical, emotional and spiritual balance is an art and an exercise taught and re-taught daily. We teach a form of Mindfulness meditation which allows a person to reconnect to the balance which already exists in all of us. Our philosophy in treatment is that we are all asleep; our purpose in life is to awake to what is here now. Satori means ?to awaken?.

Addiction itself begins with a mental attachment accompanied by a need for stress release. Existential stress, stress of survival creates a psychic need for attachment. Attachment to something external, outside ourselves, offers the possibility of a release from stress. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, money, religion, power, submission, love, hate, job, wife, child, husband, father, mother, identity are all attachments. It is human nature to attach. Our brains are preprogrammed for attachment. We learn to name our experiences rather than simply experience without naming. If we have a feeling, we name the feeling. When we see something, we name it. When we smell, we name the smell. Then we judge it? good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant.

Satori Recovery

We believe that people often fall into addiction in an attempt to escape painful thoughts, feelings, memories, and situations. Mindfulness, which has its roots in Buddhism, involves a purposeful and nonjudgmental focus on one?s thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the present moment.

Rather than escape from painful feelings, mindfulness meditation encourages an individual to sit quietly with themselves and pay close attention to their thoughts and feelings without passing judgment. Mindfulness teaches individuals to engage in conscious and deliberate focus on difficult emotions as a way to disarm them and interrupt maladaptive behavior patterns like drug or alcohol use.

Satori Recovery Center

Satori Recovery Center

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